Listed below are Recapit Platform Member Entrepreneurs who are interested in growing their own venture by exchanging Off Balance Sheet values with other Platform Member Entrepreneurs.

Recapit has determined that a short written narrative (5 lines) complimented by a short homemade selfie video (less than 15 seconds) may trigger a level of interest that asks to be explored.

The interest exploring may be done following the mutual consent of two members requesting Introduction through the Recapit Platform Manager.(
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The Profiles


Alex has 30 years of experience as an award-winning personal financial planning adviser. He has served as an advisor to a large national investment house in Canada and as a venture and debt financing consultant for smaller corporations. Alex has presented over 300 seminars on SB financing, he is the author of 2 books on SB management and is the former host of major market radio features.

He has served as a consultant to the Dept of External Affairs on entrepreneurial immigration and is an authorized dealer for precious metals bullion, marketing internationally.

Alex is prepared to exchange his off balance sheet asset with an MVX member entrepreneur who is looking to jumpstart their financial services career.


Want to tap into more than 30 years’ experience, three decades of contacts, almost half a century of plying a trade as successfully as possible? I am a professional freelance writer and journalist, and I'd love to work with neophytes who are taking the same fresh approach I took when I started all those millennia ago. With your energy and know-how combined with my experience, we could bring sensational verve to any project we work on together. I'm in the Toronto area but that doesn't matter anymore, does it? Which is great.


I have parlayed a BSc in Design (University of Michigan) into a lifetime of bridging the worlds of art, design, production and marketing. I’ve taught middle school, I was director of marketing and communications at a Bay Street financial service company; I’ve designed and built my home and cottage and would like to develop a quid pro quo with any entrepreneur interested in fine arts and sales.


Cross-border licensed insurance specialist with 10+ years experience. Comprehensive understanding of life, living benefits and segregated funds, including the advanced planning strategies that complement high-net-worth clients. Passionate about encouraging growth and innovation in the insurance industry. I would be interested in working with an entrepreneur who would like to work on an insur-tech software to better equip the industry to handle the mass exodus of advisors occurring now and over the next ten years. I have worked in Operations, sales, underwriting, consulting, organic business development and manual data aggregation. I started my career in Toronto working in a boutique financial planning company, migrated to a multi-family office for insurance planning and last was an independent management consultant working in Boston, MA and Providence, RI. I am now the subject matter expert for all things relating to life & health insurance and insured wealth products (seg funds and annuities) for one of the Big Banks in Canada.


I have been a licensed professional Realtor since 1988 with over 30 years of experience. As an independent contractor operating under a national realty brokerage banner, I have an accessible network of upwards to 3,500 contacts. I am also involved in the Organized Real Estate industry with contacts of over 98,000 industry professionals. I would welcome the opportunity to a fair exchange of my network and experience with an interested and interesting entrepreneur.


My name is Phil. I spent over 25 years in the moving & storage business in sales and ownership and helped increase my company’s revenue twelvefold over 10-12 years. I also sold my 50% shareholding in my company to my business partner for 9 times my original investment. I now operate several businesses in different niches, including in the fast-growing packaging space. I offer past experience and knowledge about growing a new business which I look forward to sharing with an interested entrepreneur.  


I am a semi - retired math teacher. I know the Ontario Math curriculum from grade 6 to grade 12.

I have used this in a successful tutoring business for many years.

I'd be prepared to help an entrepreneur start a business in the thriving tutorial industry. I would expect a quid pro quo.

Please contact the MVX platform manager to move the ball forward.


Hi ..I am the CEO of a well established regional business publication with a subscriber list in excess of 12,000. We also have a network of entrepreneurs located in China and Africa who wish to establish direct quid pro quo relationships with existing platform entrepreneurs.


"Cash is king!” One thing COVID-19 has taught us is without an assured revenue stream, even with government assistance, a company’s cash disappears quickly. My mantra has always been “revenue is the cheapest form of financing.” If you were to categorize our focus, it would be; Category - Professional Services, Service Offered - Consulting for Technology, Specialty - Revenue Generation, Sub-specialty - Health. My 30+ year career has spanned multiple categories from servicing Blue Chip clients, to a runaway promotion which generated over $25 million, to a major defense contractor who actually paid to partner with a start-up, to engineering a multi-billion dollar deal that gave rise to the software engine we all use. On the health front we've covered a broad spectrum ranging from breakthrough medical devices to protective chemicals which protect against COVID. Generating an early revenue steam positively impacts every business!