The 2 Secrets of Recapit And Who is Behind Recapit

Recapit is an internet platform that allows for the profitable exchange of off balance sheet (OBA) assets, negotiated privately and confidentially, between two platform member entrepreneurs.

OBA is the characteristic that you have personally and distinguishes your business from others.

Recapit is a, platform members only, founder funded and self-supporting venture.

It is, a not for profit, incorporated business, in Ontario.

The whole program is free. Recapit will welcome a voluntary gift contribution of $100 only if you have benefited from participation.

It’s founder is the former owner of many entrepreneur ventures, a published author, a small business broadcaster on major market radio, a business immigration consultant to External Affairs and a multi-year national leader of investment planning for a huge national financial house.
Upon retirement he entered into a contract with the business school of a major Canadian university.

He researched the many variations of programs intended to develop entrepreneurialism in Canada.
With the help of distinguished experts the Recapit breakthrough was created.

Recapit identified the 2 key secrets to successful entrepreneurialism.

1. Outside assistance must have real skin in the game

2. The greatest value a business has is the distinguishing characteristic of the owner.
That difference is the driving engine of net worth growth.

They are Recapit.

Recapit developed the platform and has been guided by the experiences of its founder and board chairman. The board has been joined by other experts - a former university business school dean, a senior partner of a CA/CPA firm and a former president of a large real estate association.